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Employer and Employee involvement policy statement

Safety, health and Environmental responsibility are of great importance to our company. Our company will strive to conduct our business in such a way as to provide for the safety and health of our employees, contractors and all other all other persons who may be affected by its operations. Our company will further endeavor to conduct all of its operations in an environmentally responsible manner.


  • To set and maintain high standards of safety, health and environmental responsibility by adhering to any oilfield practice that will provide a safe and environmental responsible workplace and operation.
  • To maintain standards by following relevant legal requirements.
  • To give all employees the opportunity to discuss safety, health and environmental concerns. Then to provide them with effective communication and training on such topics
  • To plan and conduct operations while giving priority to safety, health and environmental considerations.
  • To support research on the safety and heath for all of our company’s operations.
  • To willingly advise the appropriate governmental officials, employees, and customers on any health or safety concerns and also to recommend all appropriate preventative and protective measures.
  • To conduct our company’s operations safely and efficiently while committing ourselves to reducing overall emissions and waste generations.
  • To participate with all involved to ensure the safety in the workplace and in the environment.
  • To promote these principals by sharing experiences and offering assistance to others involved in oil and gas drilling operations.
  • To ensure that all employees understand their responsibilities and attend to them with reasonable care.
  • To review and revise objectives as appropriate.
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