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Air Drilling Specialties takes great pride in providing current and future clients with information that can help them to successfully engage in drilling, completion, and pressure testing programs. We believe that every customer is deserving of the highest level of quality and service.

For more information regarding our equipment and services, please contact us using the information found below.

Glen Karren, President
Office:  435-738-2517
Fax :    435-738-2527
Home: 435-822-2517
Mobil: 435-823-6355
Wes Karren, Vice-President
Office: 435-738-2517
Fax:     435-738-2527
Home: 435-738-5642
Mobil: 435-822-1977

 Air Drilling Specialties Inc.
P.O. Box 170
Duchesne, UT 84021