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About Air Drilling Specialties

Over 25 Years Experience in Underbalanced Drilling

Air Drilling Specialties prides itself in its long history in underbalanced drilling, completion, and pressure testing operations. Ever since Glen Karren established the company back in 1983, Air Drilling Specialties has continued to expand operations and the business as a whole. When people need an experienced, safe, flexible, and hard-working underbalanced drilling team,Air Drilling Specialties is a trusted and sought after company across the Rocky Mountain Region and beyond.

Underbalanced Drilling, Completion, and Pressure Testing

Air Drilling Specialties has an established and experienced infrastructure that allows them to work across the entire Rocky Mountain Region for underbalanced drilling, completion programs, and pressure testing projects. With a history of work in Utah, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona, Air Drilling Specialties reaches well beyond their home region in Northeastern Utah’s Uintah Basin.

The Importance of Experience

When dealing with projects that require expert engineering, safety, and highly technical machinery, it pays to rely on partners that have a long history of quality work and project completions. If you want to know more information aboutAir Drilling Specialties and their strong history of work in the underbalanced drilling industry, please call or email for more information.

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